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Film cameras are so much fun to use and learning these basic fundamentals are crucial if you plan on doing film photography.  The better acquainted you are with your camera, the better you’ll piece together how each role plays an important part in creating an awesome picture.

There are your lenses, aperture, depth of field, and shutter speed, we’re familiar with the lenses so aperture and shutter speed are two important things to master when shooting. Before film is exposed, you have a setting on your camera that controls your aperture. It controls how much light is let into an opening called an “Aperture,” which is just fancy talk for a small opening at a set speed to control the exposure of your film. Another popular term for aperture is F-stop, the smaller the F-stop, the larger the opening of the aperture. Although, film cameras are not the only ones with aperture and all that good stuff, digital is the exact same except its automatic and film is manual. So learning film first photography would benefit you a lot, so then you would know exactly what your digital is doing since you can see it or recognize it as easily. aperture1blog7


More than one thing goes hand in hand with aperture, your shutter controls how long the gate is open for light to get in. Your shutter speed controls how long your gate or shutter is opened, doing this good makes the sharpest photos.Aperture Scale

Depth of field is an easy concept,  it is the sharpest zone in a picture, and it helps you understand aperture a little better.shutterspeed


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